About Best of OpenStreetMap

Best of OSM (BestOfOSM.org) was created by Geofabrik to showcase places where OpenStreetMappers have gone over and above the call of duty to enhance OpenStreetMap. It also shows places important to the history of OSM, places where geodata was imported into OSM and just plain cool places in the world with good OSM maps.

You can download all the data for the overlays as KML files. There are links below the map. Just like OSM data, they are available under CC-BY-SA. The KML should work in many programs. We have added some special XML elements to the KML files to support the switch-to-right-layer-and-zoom feature of Best of OSM.

The base maps used are:

Many thanks to the community for collecting this awesome amount of data and for creating those great maps!

If you know of some great place that should be on this map, tell us! We'll add new places as we become aware of them and we'll probably also occasionally remove some places, so that the map doesn't become too cluttered.

If you want to know more about OpenStreetMap, go to OpenStreetMap.org and wiki.OpenStreetMap.org.

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